Why Travel With Us ?

Bhutan Musk Travels accords priority focus on customer care and personalized services. We believe that the travel experiences we offer should delight and educate our clients always, without fail. This is why our programs present travelers exciting and enriching ways to connect to Bhutanese culture and traditions.

Our professional guides are dedicated local travel experts who provide detailed information on every place and its historical background. They take great pains to provide chances for you to meet with local people and to witness authentic Bhutanese lifestyles.

Traveling is an investment so we make sure you get the best value for your money. Our tours allow you to stretch your travel so that you can experience a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities as well as festivals without any surplus charges.

Good, honest, professionalism and quality – that’s what you get with Bhutan Musk Travels.


We try to avoid committing mistakes and always strive to improve our service. Hence, when our guests give us feedback, we take it very seriously. 

Tashi Delek!!